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Nawoo Furniture provide solutions for Garden and Home Decor.

The statement highlights a business focus on representing, exporting, and sourcing furniture, specifically garden furniture, home furniture, and outdoor furniture, from Vietnam. The implication is that the business likely specializes in connecting international markets with Vietnamese manufacturers or suppliers in the furniture industry.

Factory of Decking Tiles

1. Raw material

After drying, sawing and sanding from sub-contractors, acacia slats are delivered at factory, which are ready to make tiles by drilling and pressing

2. Drill and press

Acacia slats are drilled and pressed into plastic base. This decking tiles are not coated oil yet. 

3. oil coating

Non-oil coating tiles will be sank into oil tank. Then they are put on drying belt system for drying.

4. Polishing

Oil coated tiles are polished in order to make tiles more smooth. 

5. Cheking

After polishing, the tiles are checked before packaging.

6. Packaging

Tiles are packaged in to carton box which are waiting for loading to the customers

Factory of Metal

Nawoo Furniture

21BT4, Van Phu Urban, Ha Dong District, Hanoi,


H/P: +84914266969 (Whatsapp). 

Email: info@nawoofurni.com

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