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Decking Tiles

Decking tile—an exceptional decorative solution for elevating the aesthetics of your balcony, terrace, or patio floor. These tiles boast an elegant design that breathes new life into your surfaces, offering a refreshing and stylish upgrade. Enhance the appeal of your outdoor spaces with the timeless charm of wooden decking tiles

Coffee Set

Coffee Set, a perfect union of style and functionality. Crafted from oiled acacia wood and supported by a sturdy steel frame, this set embodies durability and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for use on balconies and in gardens, it seamlessly enhances outdoor spaces, providing a charming setting to savor your favorite brews while enjoying the beauty of nature. Elevate your coffee moments with the enduring quality and modern design of our Coffee Set, where the natural warmth of acacia wood meets the strength of steel.

Wooden Racks

Wooden Racks—a versatile storage solution blending practicality with elegance. Crafted from high-quality wood, these racks add natural charm to any space, offering functional and organized storage. Perfect for decluttering kitchens, showcasing books, or displaying decor, their timeless design and durable construction enhance aesthetics while keeping essentials in order. Simplify and sophisticate your space with our Wooden Racks.

Wooden Wagon

Wooden Wagon—an ingenious solution for a more organized and efficient kitchen. This mobile workstation not only keeps your prep space impeccably organized but also provides additional storage. With a stylish design, it seamlessly integrates into your kitchen, offering unparalleled convenience. Fully assembled and ready to use, it features a tabletop, two shelves, a drawer, and six hooks for items like dish towels, effortlessly reintroducing tidiness to your kitchen. Upgrade your culinary space with the epitome of kitchen convenience—your go-to solution for streamlined and stylish functionality.

Dog Cage

Dog Cage—an impeccably designed haven for your furry friend. Crafted with care, it ensures safety, comfort, and well-being. More than just an enclosure, it’s a sanctuary for a cozy retreat at home, during travel, or as a training aid. Durable, stylish, and accessible, it elevates your pet’s living experience—where safety meets comfort in every detail.

hanging table

Balcony Hanging Table—an innovation in versatility and space-saving design. Effortlessly unfold for use and fold it down to a mere 6cm thickness for storage. Crafted from high-grade acacia wood with anti-corrosion properties, it features a unique hanging design for balcony or outdoor railings (3-18cm thickness). Built with applied triangle mechanics, the table supports over 15kg with a 4mm gap for heat dissipation, ensuring a comfortable user experience. Embrace its versatility as a dining, bar, or leisure table, elevating your outdoors where practicality meets style in a seamless blend of form and function.

Wooden WorkBench

Step into craftsmanship and utility with our Wooden Workbench—a peerless companion for any project. Its robust frame, meticulously engineered, makes it the ultimate workspace tool. Crafted from solid acacia wood, it exudes elegance and enduring quality. With four storage drawers and a shelf, your tools find a secure sanctuary, streamlining your workflow. Elevate your workspace with our Wooden Workbench—a fusion of beauty, storage, and a steadfast work surface. Witness efficiency and craftsmanship in your transformed garage, workshop, or shed.

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