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decking tiles

Enhance your balcony, terrace, or patio floor with a distinctive touch by using wooden decking tiles. These unique decorations are designed to refresh the appearance of your surface, infusing it with new life and elegance through their stylish shape.

The acacia decking tiles boast an exclusive appearance coupled with durability and resistance to damage. Their mosaic-like decoration seamlessly complements garden surroundings. The well-designed plastic base ensures efficient water drainage and facilitates a straightforward and pleasant installation process. With dimensions of 30×30 cm and comprising from 4 to12 slats, these wooden decking tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Installing them is a breeze – thanks to plug-in connections, simply connect the tiles and arrange them in your chosen location. For ongoing protection, we recommend applying wood care oil at regular intervals, approximately every 2-3 months.

The acacia floor tiles not only showcase an exclusive aesthetic but also excel in durability, providing resistance against damage. Their mosaic-like decoration harmoniously blends with garden surroundings, enhancing the overall appeal. The ingeniously designed plastic base ensures effective water drainage and simplifies the installation process, making it both straightforward and enjoyable. Measuring 30×30 cm with 12 slats (4 slats, 6 slats, 10 slats), these wooden decking tiles are versatile for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Installation is a breeze, utilizing plug-in connections to effortlessly connect and arrange the tiles in your desired location. To maintain their longevity, we recommend the application of wood care oil at regular intervals, approximately every 2-3 months.

1. Specification

- Size: 300x300 mm/ 600x300mm with thickness of 19mm or 24mm. Various type: 4 slats/ 6 slats/ 10 slats/ 12 slats/ 15 slats - Materials: oiled, durable acacia wood + resistant and durable plastic base - Insllation: Interlocking (plug-in connections, easy and quick to install with 2 sides(with hooks, 2 with sockets)) - Application: indoors and outdoors (terrace, balcony, patio or winter garden with roof). Construction enabling water drainage

2. Maintenance

Preserve the wood by applying wood care oil regularly. Caution: Ensure the plates are clean and dry before each oiling. Prior to the initial maintenance, conduct a test in an inconspicuous area. For outdoor use, it is advisable to perform maintenance every 2-3 months.

3. Advantages

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of acacia wood, it boasts numerous additional advantages. Primarily, it is characterized by its flexibility, making it comparable to oak. Furthermore, acacia is exceptionally resilient, proving difficult to damage. The chosen material guarantees both remarkable durability and aesthetic excellence.

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