How is the drying process for Wood decking tiles?

Nawoo Furniture are supplying and exporting Wood Interlocking Decking Tiles made from Acacia wood, popular in Vietnam (You can see this wood tree everywhere you are in Vietnam). Our main markets are USA, EU, JAPAN, KOREA and other countries in Middle East.

These tiles can be used indoor and outdoor with various color. How can it be used outdoor? It is because of oil coating, which is very thin. The oil is absorbed into wood slats, which made the wood slats are harder. That is why the tiles can be used outdoor.

How do we coat the oil for tiles?

After oil color approval, our workers will sink these tiles in oil tank. The oil can be absorded into wood.

Then our workers dry them with dry belt system. This system is long enough to make sure that the oil on tiles is dry.

The oil is dry, then our worker put tiles on pallets, which are waiting for carton packaging.

There are some photos of tiles with and without oil coating

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